Thursday, February 19, 2004

Welcome to Free West

Free West - Two words that have been rattling around in my head for a while. I believe that there is a growing freedom movement afoot and that a large faction of that movement will be settling in the west - Wyoming, Montana, or Idaho. Whether enough folks will get together and try to make one of these states the hub or if all three states will try to attract as many folks as possible is unclear to me right now. New Hampshire was recently selected as the winning state of the Free State Project of which I was a part. Although New Hampshire was one of the states that I had elected to "opt out" of, I struggled with the idea of moving there anyway - even though I had no formal obligation to move. After much reflection, I finally decided that I would not move. My reasons will be discussed in a future post.

Right now, I guess I should start with a quick intro. I started this space to publish my random thoughts and ideas in hopes that others would have easy access to these pearls of 'wishdom'. Mostly, I will be discussing ideas for freedom, self-sufficiency, and organic gardening. I realize those few ideas encompasses a wide number of topics, but that's what makes if fun - and interesting. At times, I will discuss political issues that I find note worthy, but I will try not to make this reflective of any political party. If there is a particular issue that you want to get my take on, you may find the answer here. If not, send me a message and I will address that issue in the blog. I consider myself a strong constitutionalist with libertarian (almost anarchist) tendencies. These views are my own, and will be candid. Enjoy. Your feedback is welcome.

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