Friday, February 20, 2004

Message to Police and Other Law Enforcement Personnel from

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Message to
Police & Other Law Enforcement Personnel



There has been a growing rift between citizens
and law enforcement for a long, long time. Let's end it. Let's come together.
Citizens don't want cops to disarm them, and cops don't want to be thought bad
or wrong for disarming them when the law says they are supposed to. We see the
catch 22, and so do you. Let's talk about it.

We know the issue is a very hot and sometimes
emotional one. We do our best to understand the law enforcement (of bad gun
laws) position, and we have published articles from law enforcement on this site
that suggest some things that are hard for liberty-loving citizens to hear - or
agree with. We will continue to
present your side of this frustrating situation - until we find a resolution
that honors and supports both law enforcement and the citizenry. We don't expect
it to be a simple, cookie-cutter "answer" either; we know it's not as
black and white as we would like it to be.

But you're a law enforcement officer, you
have a place on this website to help bring this issue to a resolution point, and we are asking
you to help to that end. Say what needs to be said. Don't edit yourself and your
true feelings. Let's have it. We will publish you far and wide. None of us in
the citizenry has all the answers, and you can probably say the same thing, too.

If we don't put the cards on the table, the
media will continue to divide us, and peace and unity on the issue will require
even more work to attain than it will if we get busy and get the conversation
under way right now.

We welcome articles on any of the following
from you as an officer of any type of law enforcement organization:

  • How do you feel about cops being used as
    political pawns in the disarmament game? How has this pattern affected you
    as a cop, and how do you recommend we reverse the trend?

  • How do you feel, as a pro second amendment
    cop, about citizens lumping you in with the cops who don't respect citizens'
    rights to keep and bear arms - and where do you personally draw the
    line?  (We understand that the "line-drawing" regarding not
    enforcing bad gun laws is dangerous to tackle publicly if you want to keep
    your job, so we will gladly publish anything that could infringe on your job
    anonymously. As a pro RKBA law enforcement officer, WE want you to keep your
    job, too.)

  • What recommendations do you have about how
    to reach the national community of law enforcement with information that
    will yield support for the right to keep and bear arms AND for cops who know
    that most gun laws are wrong and will not enforce them?

  • A rebuttal to Dear
    Peace Officer
    would be wonderful. (We know it's controversial. This whole painful issue is
    controversial, and the media is dividing cops/citizens more every day. We
    are looking for a law enforcement person to intelligently address what is
    brought up in this challenging article.)

  • A rebuttal to Law
    Officer: Are you an American, or a hired thug?
    would also be most helpful and welcome. As a law enfocement officer,
    you surely know that many lawful, peaceable and long-suffering gun owners
    are feeling much the same way this author was feeling at the time of writing
    this article. What can you say in response?  We'd like to hear it.

  • A rebuttal to Three
    Cheers for Lawless Cops
    would be great, too.

  • We also welcome any other articles from you
    as a law enforcement officer that will further
    stimulate new ideas and insights about how to
    align cops and the citizenry while also protecting and serving the rights of
    the people to keep and bear arms.

Thank you for taking the time to read this
message, and thank you for investing some time helping us get the right message
and the truth distilled and disseminated.  We respectfully ask that full articles submitted
edited before you send them, please -- and you can submit them by clicking

In Liberty,


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