Thursday, August 12, 2004

Feedback on "Unthinkable"

I received dozens of comments on my last post. Most of the comments indicated that people have been thinking and writing about this subject for a long time. Here are a couple of the comments, with links I urge you to check out.

Kristopher Barrett wrote:

And I've been at this rant maybe a month longer:

Read "Bill of Rights Nullification by the US Supreme court"

It's getting really Orwellian out there. The only good thing about it
is that the stupid f_ers forgot to grab all the firearms before they
started turning the screws.

Then a second reply from Bill:
Forgot? Or maybe they don't think that most of what's in the hands of
"the duck hunters" out there is gonna make one whole hell of a lot of difference? Or that most folks won't have the balls/inclination to use those firearms when things get to whatever line in the sand they choose?

It makes me wonder.

Indeed. The best commentary I've read to date on Americans' unwillingness to use their liberty teeth is Jeff Snyder's "Walter Mitty's Second Amendment".

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Unthinkable Thoughts

Lately, many folks I know have been thinking about things that until recently we would never have considered.
A friend sent me a half dozen documentary video tapes from Alex Jones and Terry Reed. Most of the information was very well documented and contains a great deal of evidence of Government orchestrated conspiracies.
Another friend just informed me that all (political) rallies now require a permit from the Office of Homeland Security.

So the unthinkable question arises - If this is true, then haven't we arrived at the police state with not even a pretense of republicanism left?

Soviet generals are being contracted to help design the new all-encompassing Department of National Intelligence, protest zones are in place for the First Amendment, the ADL indoctrinating F.B.I. (et. al.) nationwide, John Ashcroft wants anyone speaking out against Israel or the Jews considered terrorists -- what more do we need?

Rick Stanley was found guilty of threatening a judge and may be sentenced to 30 years in prison. A witness submitted this:

The judge asked the jury to leave the room. Talk went back and forth with Penner on the stand. Then the judge began reasoning through what had just happened. He recounted for about 15 minutes what all had transpired and it was beginning to feel as if he was working up a head of steam to justify declaring a mistrial.

Then, all of a sudden, he said it doesn't matter and called for the jury to return. For the next several minutes I read his body language. He knew he had just committed a due process atrocity. He was ashamed, but not enough to put an end to the travesty taking place in his court.

A friend who just returned home from Iraq sent me this:
i am feeling stronger every
day that "we" need to develop our own community with the laws we want -
nothing illegal. but a town of "educated" people. you are making me more and
more paranoid, i mean, educated.

As you know, many such communities are already in the works. I say the sooner the better. But, will isolation protect us? Did it protect the children at Waco? Did it protect Randy Weaver's family?

There are so many unthinkable thoughts...

For some unthinkable thoughts on life, death and taxes, go to Unthinkable Thoughts.