Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Zogby Caught in LIE!

Zogby publishes blatant lie on their homepage about their latest poll.
In the most recent blind poll by Zogby, 1009 likely voters overwhelmingly picked Ron Paul in over 90% of the categories. Despite that fact, their headline and most of the article about the poll published on their site says that Giuliani won the poll. They LIED about their own poll. In fact, Giuliani only won the poll question regarding name recognition.
There is no doubt that Zogby is compromised. They have no integrity. They don't care what the actual poll results are, they will pull out a small sample that will support whatever serves their agenda.
We only know about how significant the lie is , because the actual results were furnished to Jones Productions, who paid for this poll. The reason for paying for a blind survey was to combat the stream of bogus polls that have been reported on lately.

The 2 paragraphs below are excerpts from their published story:

Only those four candidates were included in the question, which was commissioned by Jones Productions, a media company based in Austin, Texas. The survey included 389 likely Republican primary or caucus voters and was conducted Nov. 14–17, 2007. It carries a margin of error of +/– 5.1 percentage points.

The blind bio question was also posed to a larger pool of 1,009 likely voters nationwide, including Democrats and independents, and Paul was the big winner among that universe of voters, winning 33%, compared to 19% for Giuliani, 15% for Romney, and 13% for Thompson.