Friday, February 20, 2004

Good Books on Organic Gardening in a Small Area

One of the most important steps one can take towards self-reliance is to learn to provide your own food. I have some excellent links on this site that will help you toward that end. One of my favorite sites is Sustainable Urban Living The site shows in great detail what can be done with very little garden space.
Here, I am simply providing you with some of the best books I have found on setting up your own organic garden. If money is a concern, I suggest going to or and trying to find used copies. Some of these books are difficult to come by so you might want to check with or - happy gardening!

How to Grow More Vegetables... than you ever thought possible on less land than you can imagine - by John Jeavons. According to Mother Earth News, this is the best plain-language explanation of Biodynamic/French Intensive gardening techniques they've ever seen.

The New Complete book of Self-Sufficiency - by John Seymour.
If I could only have one book on self-sufficiency, this would be it - hands down. John Seymour is the master.

Best Ideas for Organic Vegetable Growing - Best Ideas to harvest Top Quality Vegetables in Your Home Garden...Organically - by The Editors of Organic Gardening
Published in 1969 by Rodale Books, it is probably in your public library.

Botanicas's Organic Gardening - The Healthy Way to Live and Grow
I think I picked this up a Costco. Beautiful and useful, but not the best "how to" book I have found. For that, go with one or both of the first two.

How to Grow World Record Tomatoes - A Guinness Champion Reveals His All-Organic Techniques - by Charles H. Wilber

Cash From Square Foot Gardening - Abundant harvest, healthy finances, healthy families - by Mel Bartholomew
It essentially shows how to make a small fortune by applying the principles of Biodynamics.
A useful book because the writing and illustrations make it easy for anyone to follow. May be in your public library.

Ortho's All About Greenhouses - How to choose the greenhouse that's right for you; Plans and instructions for building 10 different styles; State-of-the-art equipment for maximum success; Complete growing techniques for professional-quality plants.
A small greenhouse, heated by your compost heap, could easily extend your growing season by two months and nearly double your harvest.

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