Friday, February 20, 2004

LEO - Are You and American or a Hired Thug?

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Officer: Are you an AMERICAN or a HIRED THUG?

by A Texan

All law enforcement officers (LEOs) know that there is a growing push to disarm the American public. The anti-gun, anti-American socialists working in national,
state and local governments are engaged in an all-out effort to outlaw firearms
in the United States, and the “mainstream” news/communications media are helping with biased or selective “reporting” and pure anti-gun propaganda.

LEO, you know what the Bill of Rights says, and you know that for over 200 years U.S. citizens have had a Constitutionally protected right to bear arms. That includes
the right to bear handguns, shotguns, and rifles – including military type
rifles. That has NEVER changed, and NEVER WILL change, no matter what
unconstitutional citizen disarmament “laws” are passed.

Think about this, LEO: the people pushing for civilian disarmament are the very people who hate you: they are the “intelligentsia”, the “news media”, the
liberals, the anti-cop lawyers, and virtually all of the Democrat party
leadership. If they have their way, you will be disarmed when you retire. You
and your family will be forbidden to own guns. But as you know, criminals will
still have their guns. And they will use them on you, your family, and your

The question for you, LEO, is this: are you going to help destroy your own country?
Help make it safe for criminals? Are you going to help track down, jack up,
arrest, and imprison your fellow citizens who break the latest gun control
“laws”? Will you “just follow orders” when it comes to confiscating
guns? Do you value your paycheck more than your country and your Constitution?
If the answer to any of the above is yes, then you aren’t an American. You
aren’t really a LEO. You’re a hired thug and a traitor.

We all know about the BATF and their specialty: working to destroy the Second Amendment and any other part of the Bill of Rights that gets in their way.
We’ve seen the evidence: from the top down, they are misfits, misanthropes,
and lowlifes. They are persecutors and murderers of their countrymen. Haters of
“niggers”, “spics”, “Jews”, “slant-eyes”, “rag-heads”, and
after WACO you may as well throw in “Christians”. They don’t give a damn
about America, the law, or the Constitution. Like brainless robots, BATF agents
will follow any order. Any BATF agent would fit perfectly and interchangeably
into a Nazi SS regiment. A question for you LEOs: are you a part of their unholy
crusade on armed citizens? If so, you aren’t an American. You aren’t really
a LEO. You’re a hired thug and a traitor. 

Every day that you enforce illegal citizen disarmament “laws”, you turn good
citizens against you. The best, most decent, most self-reliant of your
countrymen watch you drive by in your patrol car, see you sitting in a
restaurant at lunch break, and they have begun to fear you, and therefore hate
you. Soon the same citizens who would have gladly come to your aid in an
emergency will look the other way when you need help. Good citizens and
criminals—in the end both will hate you.

Once again, all LEOs know that Americans have always had the right to bear arms.
Everyone knows that the elitists want to disarm all citizens, including you. So
are you going to work for the very people who hate you and hate America, or are
you going to resist?

You may ask, How can I resist? Here is how: Don’t arrest decent citizens when you find them carrying concealed firearms or disobeying some “law” regarding
transporting guns. Don’t arrest citizens who own an “unregistered” militia
rifle (what the government calls an “assault weapon”). Warn those who are
about to be targeted for a raid. Erase files, lose records. Sabotage the careers
of the thug-types you work with. Become suddenly “sick” if asked to assist
the BATF or if asked to join in any raid involving gun laws. If you have to,
refuse orders to take part in such actions. You can always get another job, but
you can’t get another soul.

Which will it be, law officer? Will you stand with the patriots for your country and your Constitution? Or will you work for the elitists, the power-hungry, the
America-haters, the cop-haters, the socialists, the Democrat party, the haters
of the warrior spirit, the soft and effeminate liberals who send you to do their
dirty work of subjugating real Americans? You decide. And if in the end you help
disarm your countrymen, thereby helping the criminals in the government and the
criminals on the street, and thereby helping destroy your own country, then I
hope your soul rots in hell.



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