Friday, March 05, 2004

It's OK To Be a Mormon and a Libertarian

Now is the time to heed Elder Jensen's words of political wisdom

Did the Lord let one-third of the Hosts of Heaven choose eternal damnation
only to see agency stifled here on earth for the rest of us? If the Doctrine
of Agency is central to your beliefs, then you must be a libertarian.

The Libertarian Party believes self-responsibility is the key to a
righteous, prosperous and free society. But, if you're not allowed to prove
you can govern yourself, how will Father in Heaven know you can govern a
world of your own?

Can Lucifer Create a Moral Society?

Does not the use of government to force yourself and others to be good
follow Lucifer's plan? By voting for those who use government power to
suppress activities you should avoid on your own, you deny Christ's greatest
gift . . . your own agency.

But when you vote for the Party of Free Agency (the Libertarian Party of
Utah) you vote to restore true Constitutional government, where people can
learn correct principles and govern themselves.

Libertarians will relieve the burden of taxes so both parents won¹t have to
work for your family to live well. Libertarians will let you educate your
children where prayers aren't forbidden and condoms aren't distributed.
Libertarians will protect your full rights of armed self-defense.
Libertarians will give you limited, principled and accountable government.

Wasn't individual liberty the whole point of the War in Heaven? Where is it
written that the Lord wants you to use force to stop others from straying?
When did God reveal to you that you are so righteous, that your life is so
perfect, that you have the right to order the lives of other adults? And if
you don't have the right, how can you give it to government?

Yet the Republicrats seem to believe that only government can be
responsible. They believe the people, educated in their godless, government
schools, are ignorant and cannot be trusted with most decisions. So, their
of√ěcials practice unrighteous dominion over your life every day.

Divine Inspiration

Did the Prophet Joseph Smith reveal the Constitution to be divinely inspired
just to let the government you elect ignore it routinely 150 years later?
(Did you vote against light rail only to have elected officials decide you
didn't know what you were doing?) The Constitution, which guarantees your
rights and liberties (and freedom from government) is now bound in red tape
and hanging by a very thin thread. Libertarians fear for the Constitution.

Last May, Elder Marlin Jensen announced the LDS Church wants to restore
political diversity in Utah. Now is the time to cross the aisle to the side
that wants to protect everyone¹s right to free agency.

If you vote as you believe, vote Libertarian. We are the only candidates
pledged to give you less government, lower taxes, and the freedom to choose
the right path for yourself. Please contact us to learn more.

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