Friday, March 05, 2004

Is Haiti our 51st state?

Copied from Jacob Hornberger's Blog
Is Haiti our 51st state? The federal government, which just invaded Haiti, apparently thinks so. State Department spokesman Richard A. Boucher has declared, “The rebels do not have a role in the political process. The rebels need to disband and go back to their homes. And I want to be quite clear that that’s our position.” Echoing his comment, White House spokesman Scott McClelland announced that the administration would deal only with civic leaders and politicians. Excuse me, but who died and made President Bush king of Haiti? Did anyone invite him to invade the country? Did the president secure the permission of Congress (or even the United Nations) before invading? Where in the Constitution are the president and the Pentagon authorized to invade, conquer, and take over a foreign country? Were there WMD in Haiti? Was there an imminent threat of a Haitian attack on the United States? Were they trying to oust a dictator from office? Or was the invasion of Haiti part of the president’s “war on terrorism”? Please, remind me again: What is the meaning of the terms “dictator” and “dictatorship”?

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