Friday, March 05, 2004

International polls show little favor for Bush

Right after "9-11", the whole world supported the US. Since that time, Bush has become the most unpopular leader since Hitler.
The Seattle Times just reported that International polls show little favor for Bush:
"A majority of people in Canada, Mexico and five European
countries have an unfavorable view of the role that
President Bush plays in world affairs, Associated Press
polls found. Only in the United States did a majority of
those questioned, 57 percent, have a positive view of
Bush's role." (3/5/04)
I don't know if you are a part of that 57%, but I damn sure am not. Perhaps Bush needs to re-acquaint himself with the Founders moral foundations of a free society.
The Declaration of Independence says, We institute government, to secure our rights - our natural rights and the rights we create as we live our lives. This country was formed to devise a government that would be strong enough to secure our rights against domestic and foreign oppression yet not so powerful or extensive as to be oppressive itself. Sadly, today that vision is barely visible. Our natural rights are under constant attack and our government has standing troops in nearly every nation on earth. Read what the other countries think of our government's abuse of power.

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