Friday, March 19, 2004

Why I am running for office

Well, I finally made up my mind to run for public office. The decision really became obvious when I learned that the current representative only scored 8% of a possible 100% in a performance rating by Accountablility Utah.
So, after I read the bills that my Rep voted "wrong" on and I scored 100%, I realized that like it or not, my district would be better off with me in office that LaVar. Now, LaVar is a nice enough guy, but how can we let him stay in office with such an abysmal voting record? The fact is that most of the folks who vote will more than likely have never read an ad, visited a website on the candidates, listened to a debate, or even taken the time to find out the voting record of the incumbant. No, in Utah, I am sad to say that most folks just punch a hole next to the (R) and feel that they have done their civic duty. I hope that this year it will be different. People need to take back control of the government. Our representatives have sold us out and will continue to do so if we don't start holding them accountable. Vote them all out! And by the way, don't go thinking that I am looking for new career in politics. If elected, I will serve ONE term and one term ONLY. After that, it is up to someone else to take a turn. If I had my wish, NOBODY would serve more than one term at any given office. My new "campaign page" is up and running -

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