Saturday, March 20, 2004

"He who allows is the sovereign ..."

Dear main stream news,

Headline breaking news: Wake up America we have lost our sovereignty! Every
American is asked to quickly get it back. "The US was formed as a republic
and not a democracy which grants the rights given by God to live as we please
as long as we do not tread on our fellow sovereign man"

What is sovereignty? Distilled and refined, the focal point of sovereignty
then centers on the definition that "he who allows is the sovereign and he who
is allowed is the servant."

Are you a servant of the government or is the Government your servant? A
simple test is "who allows who"? Who allows you to drive a car, get married,
drink alcohol, smoke pot, even fly on a plane? The government says you need
permission from them. They will even charge you for the permission, in order
to do these things! You are a servant and they are the master. We live in a
police state, just try asking the servant police officer a question about his
authority and he will tell you to shut up! We need to take our sovereignty
back! Our servant Government has taken over the house and we have now become
the slaves.

Before 1789, there was no Constitution. It was written and signed in 1787,
however it did not become the Supreme Law of the Land until it was ratified two
years later. "We the People" came first more than two centuries ago "We the
People ordained and established the Constitution. Therefore ALL government
authority is a PRIVILEGE, granted by "We the People", and documented by the
Constitution. Anything the government does that is not explicitly listed in the
Constitution is - by definition - Unconstitutional and not allowed by Supreme
Law of the Land.

Become a true Patriot and learn the constitution. Check out or many other patriotic non government sponsored
websites. My own website at and another at
which is about the Gathering of the people who are sick and tired of
unconstitutional actions by government against Americans, and aren't going to
take it anymore, in Brighton, Colorado in June 19-26, 2004.

Live Free or Die! Liberty in our Lifetime!
The Stanley Scoop
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