Wednesday, March 17, 2004

The State Is Making an Example of ME

In the past few months, a lot of folks have been shouting, “The State is making an example of me…”
A few folks whose names spring to mind are Howard Stern, Martha Stewart, Melissa Rowland, Jeff (the Hunter) Jordan, Rick Stanley, and a LONG list of others have all been used by the government to teach us ALL a lesson. All have OFFENDED the government in some way that is unacceptable and they are being made examples for us all. How DARE Howard Stern speak out against George Bush! He must be punished! For the crime of speaking out against Bush on one of the most listened to talk shows in America, Stern and the radio stations that air his program were fined THE LARGEST fine in the history of radio. Of course, they couldn't SAY that the fine was for criticizing the Bush Cabal - that would violate the first amendment. Instead, the fine was for being vulgar (like that isn't covered in the 1st amendment). Now Stern has been vulgar for 20 years, and in fact is the least vulgar he has ever been, but the government used Stern to teach us ALL that we are all capable of being punished for speaking out against those who wish to control us.
Martha Stewart dared to lie to federal agents - can you imagine???!!! These are the same federal agents who have been lying to us every single day of our lives. She did not lie to a grand jury or in a court of law like Bill Clinton did; she lied "during an investigation". Maybe she should have refused to answer - at least that is covered by the 5th amendment. The media wants us to believe she had it coming because she refused two plea bargains. But, how many people would plead guilty to a Felony if 1- you believed you did not break the law, 2- your attorney advised you that the feds have NO evidence of a crime, and 3- your original "offense" was thrown out of court for lack of evidence? Not one of us. A convicted felon is not forgiven after their sentence is served; they are punished until the day they die. They are denied basic rights. However, the government was outraged that someone with her money, her visibility, and her confidence could make them look like fools. She must be punished! So, for the "crime" of lying to some scumbag government employees, she is convicted of a felony, must serve time in federal prison, her company (empire that she built from scratch) has taken a tremendous financial loss, and she was forced to resign from many of her positions of authority. All this to teach ALL of us lowly citizens who is in charge and that NONE of us are beyond the grasp of government. (Hmmm...I wonder which political campaign she gave more money to in the last election?)
Melissa Rowland refused to follow the "advice" of doctors. What?! Does she think she is smarter than Doctors?! How absurd! Her decision to not have a C-section when it was convenient for the doctor may have been the difference between one of her twins living and dying. Therefore, she has been accused of MURDER of one of her "unborn" babies. Now how one can be charged with killing something that was never born is beyond me, but that is the charge. Here is one of the things that bother me. In Utah, where this took place, women can "legally" have an abortion up to the time of birth. So, if Ms. Rowland had paid the doctor to abort her two unborn babies when he said there was going to be trouble with the delivery, and the doctor had killed them for a fee - well, that would have been perfectly legal. The doctor would have collected his fee and all parties would have been happy. But, for exercising her right to make a decision for herself, and not follow the advice of a physician, she must be punished! Why, imagine if we don't punish her... next thing you know, other people will think that they can ignore a doctor's advice. We can't have that. People MUST NOT be allowed to think for themselves!
Jeff Jordan made the unforgivable mistake of wearing a gun while driving his car on an Interstate Hwy. Can you imagine the nerve?! How DARE he forget to lock his gun in a safe upon entering that state! I realize that both the US Constitution and the Ohio (where he was stopped) Constitution state that citizens have a right to keep and bear arms, but he must have known that guns are very unpopular now. And just because he has concealed carry permits for many states and has never had any trouble with the law and is in fact a member of several organizations that do not believe in force or aggression for political or social change - why should HE be trusted with a gun in his car??? Here is what puzzles me; if the Interstate Compact allows states to recognize drivers licenses and license plates from other states while folks "pass through" a state, why do they not recognize all state issued permits including concealed carry permits? These permits are issued by a state only AFTER a thorough FEDERAL background check. Of course, the reason is because guns are dangerous, they are evil, and they are scary looking! You see, if the government really sticks it to Jeff Jordan, that will teach ALL of us common citizens that no matter what the Constitution says, no matter how many hoops you jump through, no matter how many exhaustive background checks you consent to - YOU can be penalized by the government any time they want to punish you. NO one is beyond the wrath of government.
Rick Stanley had the unmitigated gall not only to place a holstered gun on his hip in front of a Bill of Rights rally, he also wrote a letter to a judge. Rick is considered EXTREMELY dangerous because he can read and understand the Constitution and the laws of Colorado. But, his biggest problem is that a lot of folks have started to listen to Rick. He has two daily newsletters that reach several hundred readers, he does live radio interviews several times a week all over the country, and he has been written about in hundreds of news articles all over the country. Naturally, Stanley MUST be stopped. Why, if the government allows someone like Stanley to speak out against the unlawfulness of our government and educate others... well, you know what that could mean. He must be ruined, jailed, deprived his rights! That will teach him and ALL of us not to dare speak out against government. Unfortunately for the government, Rick did his time and came back stronger. He is STILL speaking out, still sending out his newsletter, and still doing interviews. Sadly, I fear that the government will also come back stronger. There is no doubt in my mind that there are many in government who would like Rick Stanley dead. For some reason, I do not find it at all difficult to believe that the government might actually murder him to teach us ALL a lesson. I only hope that if they do, that the PEOPLE will begin teaching those in government who believe that they are above the law a lesson. I believe it is high time that the PEOPLE began showing our government servants that WE are the government and THEY are the servants. They are in office to PROTECT our rights, not to abridge them.
I'm sorry I can't write about all of those who have been suffering at the hands of government to teach us ALL a lesson. These stories are growing more and more frequent every day. We need to stop government from punishing people for standing up for their rights, for speaking out, and for trying to stop a completely our of control government.
We all need to show these brave souls a little support and appreciation. They are doing time for all of us by taking the fall for all of us. If we do not stand up a support them and punish the government, we will be just as guilty as the government. Our silence and lack of support will teach ALL citizens that the price they pay is in vain, that nobody cares. Get involved; get in the fight AGAINST the police state and for a free-er America.

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