Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Ron Paul Revolutionaries - Who doesn't want him elected?

It seems that Ron Paul may indeed have a chance to win the Presidential election. That is if there is no foul play, no corruption, no cheating. But then, who would do such a thing? Well, we know that the electronic voting boxes can be hacked, we know that more votes can be counted than there are voters, and we know that voters who are not of the right "type" can be "disenfranchised".
We are still a long way from the actual race and just look at what has already happened:
He has been attacked during the debates by other candidates.
He has been attacked after the debates by the media.
He has been excluded from debates.
His supporters have been ordered to remove Ron Paul signs from their own front lawns.
His supporters have been denied access to polling places where straw polls are being held, even though they paid for a seat.
Supporters have been denied access at debates.
Media has completely under-represented the number of supporters who turn out for Paul and over-represented the numbers who turn out for other candidates.
Media has suggested that his winning poll numbers are a dishonest manipulation of the Internet and not a realistic representation of the actual number of supporters.

But we know all this. So ask yourself, "who would gain if Ron Paul is elected?" The answer is easy. Anyone who works for a private company. Anyone who owns or desires to own a small business. Anyone who is attending or will attend school in the future. Anyone who pays taxes. Anyone who wants to reverse inflation. Anyone who wants to be make their own decisions regarding their health and well-being. Anyone who loves freedom and believes that the constitution was a tool to restrain the government. Anyone who cares about privacy. Anyone who wants to retain the right to self-defense.

So if all that is true, who would want to skew the polls? Who would want to fraudulently steal the election? Who would doctor the results so that he never becomes the President of the United States? That answer is just as easy. Anyone who is a part of the current criminal cabal who is in the process of destroying our country. Anyone who has contracts with the criminals who are currently destroying our country. Anyone who is profiting from the undeclared "wars" that we are engaging in. Anyone who is a government employing working for one of the many government agencies that are not covered in the constitution as the role of government. Anyone not willing to give up their current manipulating of the system and is dependent on the government's use of force to steal from his neighbors and give part of what they earn to him. All those who condone the abuse of government as long as they are getting "their share" of the spoils. When you think about it, that is a very large number of people.

I think the real trick is not to find people who want freedom, but rather to convince those who gave up hope and decided to enter the rats den for a free crust of bread. If Ron Paul is going to win, he needs to convince the grandmothers, the unwed 17 year old public school drop out, and the people who work at the convenience store that their lives will be better without the government hand outs. He needs to convey to the people cheering for more killing, more wars, and more troops, that they have been brainwashed and manipulated by a manufactured fear. He needs to have parents understand that by getting the federal government out of the education business, that kids may actually enjoy learning and becoming productive.

The truth is that a lot of people who want freedom have been conditioned to believe that it doesn't exist, that it never existed, and they are afraid that to believe in it one more time and give everything they have to work for change may be more than they can take. They just can't bare to fail again. They just couldn't stand to see the corrupt criminals in charge steal the election right under their nose again. So rather than believe change is possible, rather than making one last attempt to climb out of the stew pot, rather than writing a check to someone who can make a difference, they will just grab the remote control and their microwaved food and sit back on the sofa and slip into their comatose state of unthinking, uncaring, unbelieving. But these are the people who have to be shaken out of their comas. They have to be slapped in the face with the reality that there is no next time. They need to believe that it is up to THEM to save themselves. If they can't afford to make a donation, then shop somewhere where the owner of that business will make a donation. If they can't talk to people, they can lick stamps or use the phone. They can put a bumper sticker on their car. They can pass out videos, they can make a banner. Then can get involved! This group of people who quit years ago need to be revived. If they will believe and get involved, there just may be hope for this country yet.

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