Friday, September 21, 2007

How Can I Move West if I Don't Have A Job?

From time to time, my blog strays down the political path, but the true purpose of this blog is to address the idea of freedom and help more people find it. Sometimes I post news articles that illustrate violations of our freedoms. This is done to stir the fire within you, to help motivate you towards freedom. Today's post is also to stir that fire, but it is more of a positive motivation rather than negative. It addresses the complicated issue of finding employment in a free state.

More and more people are finding the western states - Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Nevada - to offer more freedom than other states. The biggest obstacle that people have stated for not moving to one of these states has been finding adequate employment. This post is meant to offer an alternative solution to that problem.

I have been running an international distribution company for about 5 years now. About 2 years ago, my business really turned a corner. I switched my focus to marketing my products primarily via the Internet. I still have a local warehouse, but rather than trying to develop local business and set up regional distributors, I switched my focus and decided to expand my drop-ship business. Now, over 90% of my business is coming from the Internet. Some from my retail customers who find my website and others who are my distributors, now use a site set up exclusively for them. By doing this, I significantly reduced my expenses, reduced the time spent on the business, and was able to lower prices and increase sales.

The other thing I started doing differently, was to become a distributor for other companies who would drop ship their products for me. Now, rather than tying up my cash in inventory, I can simply market their products on my site, and when someone buys from me, the order is shipped directly to my customer by the supplier. I never see the product, but I make money on it. It saves me and the customer from paying for the shipping twice.

There is another type of Internet marketing that I believe has the capacity to surpass my direct sales business and the drop ship business. That is called affiliate marketing. With affiliate programs, you market someone else's product and embed your unique code in the link to their web page. If the customer buys the product, you receive a commission. There is no additional cost to the customer for this. Affiliates have replaced traditional advertising and their commission is a built in "marketing cost" for that supplier. Everyone wins. The beauty of this is that for less than the cost of advertising, businesses can get multiple points of presence and only pay for advertising costs once actual sales have been made. This helps businesses market their products, helps control their marketing costs, and helps them target niche business through their affiliates, that they otherwise wouldn't be able to penetrate economically.

At the same time, it helps folks who have a desire to be in business for themselves, but don't want all the headaches and costs associated with a brick and mortar storefront, employees, inventory, etc. The other obvious advantages to this are that you can gradually build a business to replace your income, and that once you have, you will not be tied to a geographic location. Whether this becomes your full time income or is just used to supplement your income is up to you.

In the past, in order for one to be successful with an affiliate program, they would either have to be comfortable making websites, or at least have a friend or partner who is. However, now almost anyone with some imagination can begin making very good money with these programs. There are even some Internet businesses that will allow you to simply fill out an online form, and then it will completely create a custom site for you will all your affiliate infromation, and will begin making money for you automatically. You do NOTHING ELSE, and it collects money for you and sends it to you.

So what does this have to do with you? Chances are that the idea of a home based/Internet based business sounds great, but you don't have any idea how to get started. To be honest, the amount of information is daunting. But as I did it for myselt, I kept notes and now have converted those notes into a step by step tool... a how to do it.

I created a web site specifically for people who want more freedom. Freedom from their commute, their current budget, their boss, their spouse, or their restrictive state. This site is the answer to the "IF ONLY..." problem.

If you have wondered if an Internet business could provide you with a good income, check out the site. If you dream of independence, but are no closer to that dream than you were last year, check out the site. On it, you are guided step-by-step, in laymen's terms through the entire process of starting up an Internet business. There are also brief descriptions/reviews of books and programs and links to more detailed information. There is also a special offer that gives you over 20 ebooks that cover in great detail all the topics discussed on the site. If you go through the whole site and feel that you still need more detailed information, then order the books. The cost for all 24 books is less that the cost of one ebook on most sites. There is actually a $700 savings on the bundle. If you have been wishing you could think of a way to afford to live where you want, I urge you to go and check out the site The site is unique in that it is not 700 pages of hype and fluff to get at a little nugget of truth. It is just very straight forward, step-by-step instruction on how to set up your own income stream over the Internet. You can start as small or as slow as you want, but all the information is there to teach you how to make a tremendous income.

PS - Since publishing the site, I have read several ebooks by "masters" of this or that. I honestly believe that my site provides BETTER information than some of these books that cost $37 each. But my site is free. I am actually considering pulling the site and republishing it as an ebook. I'm not sure if it is ready for that yet, but maybe soon. In the meantime, it is there to help you and I hope you will send me any feedback you have on the site. Check it out now.

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