Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Computer Troubles

This has been a rough week. Between fixing old computers and trying to set up new ones, I have spent about 12 hours on the phone with tech support. Nasty.
The good news is that I have learned about some good products and greatly improved my productivity.
On my new Dell Latitude - right out of the box - I was unable to get my printer to work properly. So after 2 days of loading my programs and data into the new PC, I had to wipe it clean and reinstall the operating system. This time it worked properly. Next was getting my other PCs to work properly. The best program I have found to speed up the computer, get rid of the unwanted programs in the start up group, clean the registry so that everything works the way it is supposed to ... is called RegCure. The first time I ran it on my old computer, it found over 750 errors! Then it fixed them all. This only took about 10 minutes, including downloading the program. I figure that the time I saved since installing it, has already paid for the program. There is no way I could have made my PC that fast without this program.
The other program that I have used that fixes all the problems, speeds things up, and protects my privacy is PcOptimizer Pro. Both of them have a satisfaction guarantee, so there is nothing to lose but wasted time.

Now here is another tip. If you are looking for low cost web hosting, try $4.95 per month for 3 domains hosted. That works out to less than $2 per site! NTC Hosting is the lowest cost hosting I have seen. They even provide 2 free months of web hosting, free website builder, and free setup, 10 GB data transfer and 1000 MB disk space. Very nice.

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