Monday, January 22, 2007

Libertarian gas bags in New Hampshire

I have been following closely the case of Ed Brown, the New Hampshire man who has been charged as a tax evader for failing to pay income tax for the past 11 years. Based on the information I have gathered, the Browns are absolutely correct and the actions of the court and the IRS are extremely questionable. Ed Brown has essentially decided to stay on his property and not allow the IRS or the courts to jail him as a result of their kangaroo court proceedings.
For the most accurate and complete coverage of this situation, visit Quest for Fair Trial in Concord, NH.
I have also been listening to coverage of the case via MP3's, videos, and Podcasts. One Podcast in particular caused me to write this article. While listening to Ian and Mark over at Free Talk Live, I was again reminded of the monumental difference there is between folks in the east and folks in the west.
While I enjoy their program, recommend it to others, and do my best to listen to all the Free Talk Live podcasts, Ian said something during the 1/20/07 podcast that I found very disturbing. Ian (I believe) mentioned that he and his friends were planning to go visit Ed Brown, but that he would not be armed. He also mentioned how distressed he was to learn that his roommate was planning to bring a gun. He went on to say that Ed Brown's 'fellow militia members' were not at the Brown residence and that this was probably a good thing, because they might all show up carrying AK47s.

Free Talk Live appears to me to be one of the loudest voices of the Free State Project. Back when the FSP was in its early stages, I signed on my support but opted out of several states, including New Hampshire. The biggest reason behind my opt outs was that I didn't believe that those states offered a realistic environment for a "Free State". One of the reasons was that shooting and second amendment issues didn't appear to be an important aspect of the "freedom" activists in the eastern states.

After thinking about the Browns, the FSP, and Free Talk Live's broadcast, I couldn't help but imagine how different it might be if the Free State Project had selected Wyoming or Montana as the Free State. I also imagined what would happen if someone in MT or WYO were convicted of tax evasion and decided to make a stand against the government and extended an invitation to all to come and take a stand with him. I have a difficult time imagining a Free State Wyoming radio host who preached freedom and chided people for not defending their rights, expressing concern or worry that supporters would be bringing side arms or (God forbid) AK47s with them to support someone facing a potential “Ruby Ridge” type event.
The libertarians as a whole are big talkers, but as Rick Stanley found out first-hand, when it comes to action and standing beside those who are on the right side of our Rights, the Constitution, and Freedom, they are seldom by your side.
The fact that the talk show hosts seemed to be trying to dissuade others to bear arms to the Brown residents shows what cowards they really are and what a poor understanding they really have of the 2nd amendment. The 2nd amendment is the right that allows us the means to defend all the other rights. It is in place to insure our means to fight against a tyrannical government. Standing up against the decision by a kangaroo court with no jurisdiction over the unconstitutional IRA's faulty charges is EXACTLY what guns are for and what the 2nd amendment was created to protect.

When New Hampshire adopted General John Stark's quote, "Live Free or Die" as their state motto, didn't they expect someone to actually stand up to the tyrants?

I may never know how conditions might be different if the Browns lived in Wyoming or Montana, or if the FSP had chosen one of those states as the "Free State", but I would like to believe that most of the supporters would be skilled rifleman with battle rifles, side arms, and a willingness to stand side by side with their fellow statesman against unfair treatment by the government.

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Anonymous said...

You know it's a shame that you think we all are wusses for not wanting to necessarily be 'armed' while we show our support for Ed Brown.

The FSP is not some outlaw's a political group making a difference in NH. The people at Ed's are the 'extreme' wing, some don't even vote. But they are not the majority.

I think you have it wrong. NH, despite being an eastern state, cherishes the right to keep and bear arms.

But we are sensible enough to not want to use that right foolishly or frivolously or engage in any unnecessary violence.

You called a talk show host a libertarian gas bag. I for one commend him for not emphasizing 'guns' in this whole situation.

gRegor said...

Given that Brown hasn't even been sentenced yet, is it absolutely necessary to be armed while going to offer (mostly moral) support to Ed Brown? Is a siege expected before the sentencing?

Just because someone doesn't want to go armed doesn't make them opposed to the 2nd Amendment.

fran tully said...

Thank you for your comments. This new post will address your comments: