Sunday, January 07, 2007

Freedom Soldiers

Here is a message I received from Rick Stanley that is worth republishing. I hope you enjoy it. - F

There is a new breed of political activist growing in this nation. A breed I am both honored to be part of, and shed light on, for Echo readers. For sake of
another term, I'll refer to this new breed as America's "Freedom Soldiers".

There are many leaders in this country that point out our failings, painful
situations and glaring problems. Frankly, anyone can do that, point a finger at
the other guy, and call it a day. Freedom soldiers look at America's problems
and say "lets come together, work as citizen patriots, and find a positive solution; then implement our plan".
His name is John Diamond, an author and fellow patriot; whom I honestly think will not mind, if a refer to him as a "Freedom Soldier". John has written a fabulous new book, "The Rise of America". His book is an in depth look at where America was, under a government that stayed within Constitutional boundaries, where it is today, and How we need to do a 180 degree turn, and get back to a Constitutionally limited republic.
When you are a journalist interviewing someone for a column piece, the main goal is to get to the heart and soul of that person. What motivates them? Why have they written this book, produced that movie or drafted a piece of legislation?
John's book doesn't serve to point fingers and make tons of money by doing so.
He was very straight forward when he told me "its not about the money for me, I want get information out to the public, and win this battle, to restore America."

John actually never intended to write a book. His research into America's
Constitution, James Madison's notes on the federal convention, the federalist
papers, etc., was for personal growth and muse. After three years of intense
research, and seeing how far our government had strayed, he simply said "I Have to do something."
John is not interested in changing the whole world by himself, and is not touting to have all the answers. He merely sees himself as one good citizen, a freedom soldier, doing his duty, to help America be a better place. He wants all of us to work with him, to do just a little bit of work, per citizen, and see a positive movement spring forth.
He has gone the extra mile, by creating study guides and teaching aids for his book. Thus allowing the academic world complete access on how to teach and share his book and research.
It is rare to find a person who will say, "If I only speak to three people at one interview aboutthat'sook, then thats fine." Again John is not looking for glory and recognition, he has already, and will continue to do the very heavy lifting, of promoting his book, his ideas for a positive solution, and his hope that many of us will listen.
After I interviewed John, my wife-to-be and I, took a morning walk around the neighborhood. I told her for the first time, I feel like this is really coming together. A guy in Ohio with a good idea and a positive book, A guy up in Michigan trying to do his little part, some people in other parts of the country, all lending a hand and a positive attitude.
Maybe that is John's greatest tool he brings to this important battle, to save America, his can do positive attitude.
I'm thankful I've met John, interviewed him, and shared his new book in this small column. I can honestly tell you, I consider John a new friend, a freedom soldier doing his small part and a man of deep love for his nation. Take some time and check out his book, it will be time very well spent.

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