Friday, July 08, 2005

Free West... More Than Ever

After re-examining my original reason for starting this blog, I realize that I have recently strayed from my original ideas and succumbed to posting political rants and commentary on current news events. I had planned on leaving that commentary to other sites and simply focusing on why a "free west" was just good common sense.
I will try to move my focus back to my original intent and ask your help in keeping me focused. In the future, if I start to stray, drop me a message telling me to stay on topic.
Now, more than ever, the idea of a "free zone" seems imperative. The world leaders at the G8 are determined to establish a one world government. I have friends who plan to move to Argentina and Costa Rica to escape what America has become, but as far as I know, they are losing their freedom there as well. No, I think that the answer is for liberty minded folks who seek freedom; the only answer is to band together with as many like minded folks as possible and relocate to a quiet little place that will allow you to live as freely as possible. Taxes will increase, laws restricting our freedoms will increase, gas prices will rise, and foreign hatred for Americans will increase due to our insistence in sticking our nose in the business and politics of other nations. But, in your own little "free zone" you can elect your own sheriff, mayor, county clerk, and other local office holders. You can either home school your own kids or school them at a private school that you and your friends establish. You can make your own biodiesel and you can raise 50%-70% of your own food without pesticides or herbicides. You and your friends can establish your own "underground economy" that may allow you to acquire most of your needs through bartering or a voucher system which may reduce your tax burden and make you more independent.
I believe that the best chance for a free zone is within the borders of Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. However, if enough people can get together and agree to work together and help defend each other's freedom, I suppose it might be possible anywhere.
I have been throwing around an idea with some others to establish a camp for teaching survival skills, gun safety, and marksmanship skills.
Can you imagine a place where young men and women could go for a week and actually learn skills that might actually save their life someday? A camp without TV's, vending machines, ice cream, and video games; A place where the optional two day survival test will give them more self-confidence and self-esteem than 12 years of public school. Wouldn't that be great for a kid from New York, Chicago, New Jersey, or California who otherwise would never learn these things?
Someone else suggested a camp for these wimpy, emasculated men who now seem to be everywhere - "Man Camp". Man Camp would be similar to the other camp but could also teach how to cook with a Dutch oven, ride a horse, ride an ATV, fly fish, throw darts, find decent cigars and scotch, sharpen a knife, do an oil change, work with basic tools, and skeet shooting. What better gift could a wife give to her man?

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