Thursday, June 30, 2005

Lost Liberty Hotel

Over at "Sunni & Conspirators" website, they have started to discuss why the Lost Liberty Hotel isn't morally correct or Libertarian in nature.
Well, I am one who believes in fighting fire with fire. The Supreme Court decision last week was a clear declaration of war on the rights of property owners. I suggest that war isn't pretty. In this war, we are clearly outnumbered. The government has seemingly unlimited manpower, money, weapons, lawyers, and court room clout. They have demonstrated time and again that there is nothing they won't do to gain more power. They have denied citizens their right to redress of grievance; They have jailed people for wearing a gun in a peaceful bill of rights rally; They have killed innocent people and stolen land for years without so much as an apology. I think that this latest court ruling is astonishing. The powers that be have gotten so bold that they don't even TRY to hide their motivation or complete disregard for constitutional law anymore. The "activists" have been snickered at for years and are constantly reminded to "use legal means" if you have a problem with government.
While I, like Sunni, am opposed to "using the law as a club when it suits me", in this case, due to the dire circumstances that this new ruling poses, I think it might be the quickest way to reverse the ruling and provide the fewest casualties. Besides, now that the law provides that cities can take private lands, wouldn't it be a good idea to see that the courts a jammed with cases from those who have been offenders of property rights for years. I think it has a kind of poetic justice. Let a few judges, Attorney Generals, Mayors, and Governors lose all their money in a few property rights battles and I think the law might change in short order. Until then, at least the courts will be too busy to go after the common folks for a while.
Until people are ready to start using their guns to remove the tyrants as Jefferson suggested, the Lost Liberty Hotel will serve as an interim solution.



Anonymous said...

I'm with you FT 100%

Sunni said...

Fran, I too am outraged by both the Kelo and Raich decisions. It's clear that this court doesn't give a shit about the Constitution or Bill of Rights. My understanding is that the ruling leaves it open for states to take action to avoid the wholesale land theft Kelo endorses. If that happens, I expect the economic consequences of both good and poor law will manifest themselves in fairly short order.

I also think that some individuals are ready to start using their guns to remove the tyrants; but they're being smart about making those moves.

peacechick said...

Doesn't seem immoral to me. Seems pretty clever!