Monday, April 18, 2005

"Special" DEA Agent Shoots Himself in the Foot...LITERALLY

Found on Militant Libertarian today posted by Militant Libertarian

Proper Firearms Safety
Watch this federal police officer (DEA Agent) in front of a class of Fourth Graders shoot himself in the foot while giving a "gun safety" speech. Funny, he claims to be "the only one in [the] room special enough to carry a Glock .40."

He makes several classic safety mistakes: he fails to remove the magazine, fails to check the chamber for a round when handed the gun by his compadre, and he fails to keep his finger off the trigger (obviously) when NOT intending to fire the gun.

This, of course, is one of the "police" that are the only people "properly trained" to carry weapons in our society with the full faith of the public...

Oh boy.

Click here to view it (not graphic or bloody).

Special thanks to the Firearms Coalition ( for posting this to the 'Net.

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