Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Why Do All the "FREE ZONES" Have to be so Cold?

There are several groups now seeking havens for "free zones", or communities where one might have a better chance of living with limited government. The Free State Project voted to move to New Hampshire, the Free State Wyoming group has chosen five counties in Wyoming, and other groups are considering Idaho or Montana.
People have whined, "why do all the free zones have to be in area's that are so cold?"
One of my favorite responses to this is from Ken Royce; he says, "because the socialist have already taken over all the warm areas."
The truth is that parts of Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho are not only bearable, but damn-near balmy.
There are parts of Idaho that are in the "banana belt" and areas in Montana and Wyoming whose temperatures are within 5 degrees of Salt Lake City year round.

To find out how your current cities weather compares with towns in some of these "free zones", go to


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