Thursday, August 05, 2004

Letters to the Gov

My friend Rick Stanley is in trouble. He told a judge that he didn't have jurisdiction over his case - BIG MISTAKE!
Anyway, now he may be put away for 20+ years. The problem is that Rick's fate will determine ours. Here is a short press release that I think you will all enjoy.

MEDIA RELEASE: Do you realize Rick Stanley's fate will determine yours?

Do you realize Rick Stanley's fate will determine yours?...Do you
know how crucial, devastating and nightmarish the police state will
be?...Those that work for the corrupt perpetrators, responsible for
our dilemmas, should have the guns?...and we should not?...Be at the
mercy of this crazy dictatorship trying to manifest complete control
over "US"?

My "God"...I'm terrified for all of "US"...not just "US"
either...Everyone stuck on this Globe

Please watch for urgent post titled..."SOS"..."SAVE OUR SELVES"...

In the meantime if you aren't familiar with what is behind and
happening to Rick...Please read the following letter...If you haven't
written one yet...Please do so now...

Do you want to leave this world without doing something to
help?...Now's your chance to "Help "US", Help "US" All"...

Send your letter to help him to

This particular letter will help fill you in so you can write one...

Those of you who know all about Rick...What are you doing to help?

It's your children's futures at stake here, too


MEDIA RELEASE: letter to Gov. Owens from the Hughes family.

Gov. Owens

I have been trying to teach my boys about the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They get bored sometimes. But I have an obligation to teach them.

I decided to take my son to a gathering of people
that love the U.S. Constitution. We went to support
Rick Stanley. He was a libertarian candidate for
Congress in 2002

His life story to defend the Constitution ended in a
night mare.....He went out to a town that did not allow
people to carry an open gun (in plain site.) This
goes against the Colorado and the US Constitution.

He wanted to get arrested and to show the
government that they had to obey the Constitution.
He lost his case, Then he went to another town and
did the same thing. He was arrested again. He was sentenced to 90 days in jail. While he was in jail he wrote a letter to both judges that they did not have jurisdiction over him and that they had both broken their oath to obey and uphold both Constitutions, and that they cannot be above the law. He said that they were violating the law and subject to arrest for treason if they did not drop the charges on him.

Meanwhile the Colorado legislature with the help of
Gov. Owens told the towns that they could not violate
a persons right to carry a gun. They changed the law
and made it retroactive. BUT, BUTthey did not drop
the charges against Rick because he had sent a
letter to them and the judges said that
he was trying to tamper with the court. So they
him with that and he is now looking at years and years
in prison.

While he was out on bond. His probation said that he
could not carry a gun until his appeals and court
proceedings where done. The swat team, FBI, IRS, Jefferson county police, Adams county police, city police, state patrol, there were over 50 cops that raided his home/business. They took everything that he needed to run his business like bills, invoices, money, computers, disks, files, phones etc. etc.

They 1- wanted to start a confrontation by going in with
over 50 officers. 2- wanted to find a gun so that they
could charge him with violating his probation. 3-destroy
his ability to earn a living by taking his papers that he needed for his business. 4-destroy his reputation by taking his bills, so that he couldn't pay his bills. 5-take his money so he couldn't pay his legal bills. 6-they intimidated his employees and all but 1 quit. 7-cause undo stress for him and his family. THE BOTTOM LINE IS THAT THEY WANTED TOTAL CONTROL. THEY WANTED HIM TO KNOW WHO IS THE BOSS.

When we were at the rally in front of the court house,
on his first day of court. We were holding signs and
showing support for the Colorado Constitution and
the 2nd Amendment.

We were a crowd of old, young, men,
women, grandparents, sisters, handicapped, poor,
and rich.

This is why I/we went. To show the courts that there
are people that are willing to stand up for freedom.
And to show these judges that we support the
Constitution. And we will not loose or give up our

I don't think Rick Stanley should be put in a hole
(prison) for defending the U.S. Constitution.

Cliff, Adam and Aaron Hughes

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