Friday, April 02, 2004

Tribute to Ron - Defender of Liberty

Just one year ago today, my friend Ron was interviewed by Read the interview. I just had a visit with my friend Ron. Although I have only known him for a couple of years, he has always been a solid guy. He was always smiling, great attitude, never shirking responsibility, never whining about what OTHERS should do, never passing the buck, never ashamed or afraid to speak up with his opinions or to defend his beliefs. He is just one of those guys who bears down on whatever needs doing and gets it done. I saw him a couple of months ago at a meeting and he was looking good, but he had so much going on that he wasn't sure if he would be able to run for office this year. In 2002, Ron ran for Congress.
In addition to running for Congress, Ron was working full time and raising race horses. He had a full schedule, but still had time for softball and to watch the Utah Jazz games.
Ron had a birthday yesterday. His home was filled with flowers, balloons and friends and family. Although Ron is a dedicated freedom activist, he will not be running for office this year. He will not be going to any more Jazz games, he won't be playing any more softball, and he is getting rid of the horses he loves. Ron is sick - and short of a miracle, may not live to see another month, let alone another birthday. To my friend Ron, I send my deepest prayers and thank him for his work in the fight for freedom. May his passage be painless and easy.

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