Friday, April 09, 2004

Imagine a 1000-Acre Township of Self-Ruling Individuals.

Imagine a mountain community with 250 – 300 families who each respect each other’s rights. A community where greenhouses and square foot gardening is encouraged. A place that is 70% – 80% self-sufficient. A place where each homestead is on 3 – 5 acres.
Imagine a place with water rights that predate the state’s charter.
A place that can not only generate their own power, but can subsidize their community with the revenue they earn selling power to the power company.
Imagine owning 3 – 5 acres outright and not having to pay property tax on it.
A place where having a car is not a necessity, but an option.
A place where neighbors willingly share their expertise with their community - for the good of the community.
A place where the quality of people attracted, and the expertise that they can bring to the community, greatly outweighs the profit motive of the founders.
A place that is not “governed” by a committee, but allows each landowner to have an equal voice in the planning and development. A community that will not exclude people for the religious beliefs or their individual differences.
A community with million dollar views.
Imagine buying a three acre plot in a place like that for $1000 an acre. Someone already did. I visited there yesterday. While some of these ideas on only in the wishing stage, most of them are already possible. Either way, I like the way they think.

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