Tuesday, March 23, 2004

My Links are to COOL Sites!

On the left side of my blog, I have a list of links. These are some of my favorite site. I don't get paid anything for sending you to them, I just think you would enjoy them. Some of them, like Militant Libertarian, Civil Disobedience, Liberty Round Table, and Diatomaceous Earth belong to good friends of mine. That doesn't mean that they are not top quality sites - on the contrary, they are excellent. The reason that I mention it is to let you know the company I keep. Some of these folks live and breath political activism, while others are extremely passionate about the environment or becoming self sufficient. Take the time to visit them all, I bet that you will bookmark most of them.
The newest link, is actually a button. I just visited the Libertarian Rant Blog and it is awesome. Let me know which sites you like the best.

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