Monday, March 22, 2004

Empty Holster Gathering - My Invitation to Speak

I am very proud to say that I have been asked to be a "volunteer" speaker at the Opening Dinner in Denver for the Empty Holster Gathering JUNE 19, 2004. There will probably be 600 to 700 people at this dinner of fellow Patriots. The event is planned to kick off the Rick Stanley trial for that week of June 19-26, 2004. Rick and Michael Badnarik have already confirmed that they will be speaking, and several other notable freedom fighters will be asked to speak as well. Other speakers to be invited include Joe Banister, Peter Mancus, Bob Shulz, Devvy Kidd, John Turner, Alex Jones, Aaaron Russo, Irwin Schiff, Ron Paul, L. Neil Smith, Boston T. Party, Angel Shamaya, Erin Zellman, Ken Blanchard, Jack McLamb, Victor Thorne, Lisa Guliani, John Kaminski, Pastor Butch Paugh, Ron Loeber, W. Duke, Michael Caccioppo, Doug "Dayhorse" Campbell and Richard Mack.
Even though there is no pay for the engagement, it is an fantastic opportunity to participate in a historical event. I feel very fortunate to even be considered in the same company as those great patriots. I hope I will be able to make it and look forward to dining with such notable freedom fighters. I hope you will all make an effort to attend too. For more information about Rick Stanley, visit

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