Monday, February 23, 2004

I Will Not INITIATE Force or Fraud...

...The key word here being "initiate".

For a very long time, I have felt that the attacks on our liberty and the deceptive nature of our government have been reaching a point where "we the people" are being backed into a corner. I feel that there is violence brewing in the American people the likes of which the world has not seen since the Norsemen Invaded Ireland. I believe that the government sees it as well, and the result is their acceleration of gun restrictions, witch will ultimately result in disarmament laws. This week Diane Feinstein will try to include a renewal of the Assault Weapon Ban in the context of another, unrelated bill - S.659. The AWB is due to sunset if not renewed. However, rather than bring the AWB to the floor on it's own, another scumbag politician will use deception to erode our 2nd amendment. Politicians, like Feinstein, make my skin crawl. They are honestly the scourge of the earth.
In court, we prohibit prosecutors from weaving unrelated information into a case. Why in the name of God can't we prohibit legislators and lawmakers from mixing unrelated issues in bills? In the John Ross novel, Unintended Consequences, members of the gun culture are pushed beyond the limit and the "unintended consequence" is the assassination of several prominent politicians and judges. The novel is frighteningly believable. Every new law that is passed drives a wedge between the government and the people. I don't believe that we have had a representative government for a long time. I believe that most politicians are looking after their own interests and the interests of those who 'control' their political future. Once they have been initiated into "the club" they begin to believe that they are better than their constituents and that the "political machine" will look after them. Their total disregard of the constitution is a smart slap in the face to every American. The behavior of those like Feinstein, Kennedy, Hatch, and the Schumer in the world is an insult to anyone who has read the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. These people shouldn't simply be voted out of office, they should be tried for treason and hung in public. Of course, the list of abuses and abusers is endless, but Vin Suprynowicz certainly provides a good starting list in his two outstanding books, "The Ballad of Carl Drega" and "Send in the Waco Killers".
There are days when I become very disturbed by the every growing loss of freedom in this country; And then there are days when I resolve to stop worrying or caring about the day-to-day troubles. The fact is that the political machine in this country is completely out of control and nothing short of a revolution will change it. My hope is that I can find my free zone and disappear in that freedom - oblivious to the impending destruction of this once great nation. If I can find the courage to pull myself away from the "freedom fight" and live my life the way I choose to on a couple dozen acres with all my "neighbors" for 100 miles in either direction holding my same desire for freedom - I will die a happy man. I only hope that through some miracle that "the people" will continue to hold off the coming disaster during my life and the lives of my children's children.
Ten years ago, I could have written these thoughs without fear of reprisal from government. Today, however, the police state in America is so rabid that I fear that something as simple and innocent as my rambling thoughts could be used and twisted by my own government to snatch me off the street for good. The fact is, that that is exactly what our government wants. They want us to be too frightened of them to resist; too frightened to speak out against them; too frightened to even exercise our God given rights. Yes, God given - because our rights existed before government did. No, I will not initiate force or fraud, but I will cheer for all brave patriots who stand up to an oppressive government BEFORE their backs are against the wall. The names of men like Rick Stanley and Jeff Jordan (aka The Hunter) should be on the tongues of all who love freedom; we all owe these modern day heroes a debt of gratitude. Until we stop criticizing these men and start emulating them, we will not be free. Until all potential jurors understand that THEY have the power to find Jordan and Stanley innocent, we will not be free.
Tax "evaders" is a term that the IRS made up to turn neighbor against neighbor. Most tax evaders are simply people that the law has abandoned. A careful look into the tax laws will show any reasonable person that most of us have no obligation to pay taxes. But year after year, we are intimidated, threatened and subjected to force AND fraud by government agents who steal the fruit of our labor to keep the machinery of a corrupt government growing and growing. Think about what initiation of force or fraud really means to you. I believe that in our lifetime, we may face a situation where even a moment's hesitation could cost us our life or the life of a loved one. Resolve the issue in your mind. I am capable of responding violently to those who initiate force or fraud against me. In my fight to KEEP my rights, I am prepared to excercise my rights.

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