Thursday, November 15, 2007

Patriot Act - Gold - Nazi - FBI

OK, the name of this article might change, but the correlation won't. The fact is that tyrannical regimes, intoxicated with power, have always taken away the rights of citizens. They have always tried to disarm their own people, have always killed and stolen the wealth of their citizenry.

Hitler disarmed German citizens, brutalized them, dehumanized them, and confiscated their gold, jewelry, and art.

Today, the FBI, a division of our own Stasi-like Homeland Security - not to be confused with Hitler's Fatherland Security - confiscated gold, silver, platinum and records from a legitimate, law-abiding, U.S. company. An enterprise which was in the business of minting ornamental, precious-metal coins of mostly sentimental value, coins not designed to supplant U.S. Currency. I'm sure it was pure coincidence that these brand new, uncirculated coins had the face of Ron Paul on them. Yes, Ron Paul... presidential candidate Ron Paul. Ron Paul is the Republican candidate who wants to end the income tax and end the war in Iraq. He is also the only presidential candidate who spoke out against the USA PATRIOT Act. (Click here to see articles and videos on Ron Paul's anti-USA PATRIOT act position)

USA PATRIOT Act and U.S. Citizens

Do you remember George Bush, Dick Cheney, Orrin Hatch, Robert Mueller, and John Ashcroft getting all red in the face and screaming at us that we NEEDED the PATRIOT Act in order to fight terrorism?

Do you remember them telling us over and over and over again how it would not affect Americans, that it was for stopping terrorists? NO? Well do you remember when Utah Senator Orrin Hatch demanded that we make the law permanent by removing its sunset provisions? You see, the only way it could get passed in the first place was by putting in a sunset clause. That way, the congress could review it later to see if it actually did what it had been designed to do. If it didn't, the act would die. Well, Senator Hatch, President Bush, Atty. Gen. John Ashcroft, and FBI Head Robert Mueller all insisted that the Act had proven to be a great success in keeping us safe and was a vital tool in the "War on Terror."

They proposed that the PATRIOT Act must be made permanent -- going so far as
to send Attorney General Ashcroft on a multi-state, Punch-and-Judy Show to sell the idea --
all the while insisting the law did not violate the rights of American citizens, and would never be used in the prosecution or punishment of ordinary, domestic crimes.

Of course everyone who has a third grade reading level can see that this law violates the rights guaranteed Americans in the Bill of Rights, but Orrin Hatch and John Ashcroft didn't think that was important.

Apparently, I have a different idea of what terrorism is. You see, MY idea of terrorism is having someone kick my door down, slam me to the floor, put a gun in my face, steal all my property and freeze my accounts. That is what happened today at the Liberty Dollar office in Evansville and at the Sunshine Mint. Today, when they used the FBI to enforce an illegal act of confiscation against a legitimate business -- under color of law, as outlined in the USA PATRIOT Act -- to MY mind, the FBI engaged in an act of domestic terrorism, just as they did when they killed women and children in Waco, TX and Ruby Ridge, ID. And of course, let us not forget that the FBI's behavior in the Oklahoma bombing is also still very questionable in a lot of minds. How many minds? More than a few... read about those who suspect the FBI knew about the Oklahoma City bombing. And I suppose that none of us would dare call into question the Bureau's competence just because they have lost millions of dollars worth of weapons and computers in the last couple of years.

So, now the beloved, and often misunderstood, FBI is involved in yet another travesty of justice. Now, they have again used the repulsive USA PATRIOT Act against U.S. Citizens to steal nearly $19 MILLION in gold, silver, platinum and cash from honest American citizens.

Now, I don't know about you, but I would call the loss of $19 million harm. Yeah, I would definitely call it harmful to a business if it lost its money, its records, and the means to operate, likely forever. And I would like the people of the United States to see the USA PATRIOT act for what it REALLY is. It is a way to take away your rights. It grants the government -- again under the color of law and in flagrant violation of the our Constitutional Guarantess -- the ability to go into ANY business ANY time and confiscate ANY and ALL records WITHOUT A WARRANT... as long as they SAY that they believe that business may be involved with terrorism. "Involved with terrorism" could mean something as innocuous as having someone who is believed to be in contact with terrorists to accidentally call your phone number. Or it could be nothing but the word of a trustworthy FBI agent.

The Terrorist Connection to the Coins

OK, so where was the terrorist connection to the Ron Paul coins or to the Sunshine Mint?
That's a good question. Now this hasn't been released to the media yet, but I think I have figured it out. You see, the people who support Ron Paul have started a Ron Paul rEVOLution. You know... revolution! Also, these people donated $4.3 million dollars to that "revolution" on November 5th. Hello... NOVEMBER FIFTH... Guy Fawkes Day! Guy Fawkes wanted to blow up Parliament! Don't you see... the terrorist connection is very clear. In fact, this theory was on one of the largest Political Talk Radio shows in the country and they had 2 expert witnesses concur with Glenn Beck's Theory.(see video).

Therefore, I suppose that the USA PATRIOT act is working exactly as planned. The FBI, used the "law" to take away money from Ron Paul supporters who have criticized the government and who would like to repeal unconstitutional laws like the USA PATRIOT Act. The biggest weapon of these rEVOLutionaries appears to be their money and their free speech. So, by stealing their money, taking away their coins with the image of Ron Paul, the FBI has effectively thwarted this sinister plot and stopped these rEVOLutionaries dead in their tracks. I'm sure that the honorable Orrin Hatch (self-proclaimed author of the USA PATRIOT act) would be very proud of this. But I'm not Orrin Hatch, and I was not born with a brain defect, so I can't really see how the FBI can justify this outrageous crime that they committed. So what I hope is that everyone who ordered a Ron Paul coin does is to join the class action lawsuit against the FBI. I also hope that, this December 16th, ALL Ron Paul supporters will show the FBI, Orrin Hatch, George Bush, and the mainstream media that they won't take this lying down! This December 16th marks the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. Some Ron Paul supporters came up with an idea to have a Liber-tea Party and raise $10,000,000 for Ron Paul. Now that's my kind of party... I hope you will all join me there. - Fran


Militant Libertarian said...

Hell ya! Good job, brother. These freedom-haters need to be stopped! Their time has come! NO NEW WORLD ORDER! NO ENSLAVEMENT! NO BULLIES WITH BADGES! FREEEEDOM!

ruralutah said...

Excellent article Fran. How do we reach the American people. Ron Paul appears to have reached a large number. I still hear people willing to l et the government abuse them as much as the government feels is "necessary" so they can remain "safe" they not realize that with each addition of power given to government agents they become less and LESS safe?

fran tully said...

I think the way we reach the American people is by getting Ron Paul media attention via money bombs, YouTube hits, music videos, signs, radio time, etc. He is by far the best spokesperson we have for freedom. The more people hear him, the better.

Bob said...

"It is most fortunate for governments that the people do not think." - Adolph Hitler

We must reach the American people through emotion....they have been taught not to think, but to emote.

The people did not react to the Patriot Act because they were sold on the basis of the emotion of fear, with the Act being the means to safety.

People "buy" because they WANT to, for emotional reasons, then seek an intelligent justification for their "purchase".

They bought the Patriot Act because they were afraid because of propaganda....(anthrax, dirty bombs, etc.), lazy and comfortable. It was easy to take the easy answer...let government take care of you, while it leaves you exposed to crime and terror from the south.

Bob C.

unwitting said...

Quote from "BACKING HITLER", BY Robert Gellately.
Himmler and Heydrich issued invitations to police from around the world to visit Kripo headquarters in Berlin, as a way of showing off the modernity of the German police. Among those who took up the invitation was Edmund Patrick Coffey, who came on behalf of J. Edgar Hoover of the FBI. The news report of the visit in January 1938 carried the headline, "German Security Police as a Model".......... We can only speculate as to how German readers would respond to such stories, but most likely many of them were impressed that after five years of Hitler's dictatorship, the Nazi police had won the FBI's seal of approval.87

Anonymous said...

Very nicce!