Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Turn The Flag

Reprinted with permission from Turn the Flag (note: the author was nice enough to mention that he has been doing this since he read it on one of my web sites back in 2002. And I thought nobody cared.)

Monday, April 05, 2004

I'm a vet and a registered Republican, and I am sick and tired of what the Bush Administration is doing to our nation.

They have led us to an unjustified war based on lies. American servicemen and women are dying every day in Iraq for a lie and for the Bush Administration's plan to divvy up the Middle East oil assets among their friends in the oil business.

Our Treasury has been plundered. Our economy is a shambles. And the President knowingly and willfully LIED about the Weapons of Mass Destruction - and has the audacity to JOKE about it.

In the movie "The Last Castle" starring Robert Redford, the main character is a famous general wrongly imprisoned. He leads his men to revolt against the corrupt and evil prison warden and in the climax of the movie, hangs the Stars and Stripes upside down in the prison yard - the universal sign of distress.

Now is the time for us to let our voices be heard. I love our flag and honor the thousands of men and women who have died to establish and preserve the values our nation was founded upon - Life, Liberty, Equality and Freedom of Expression.

This is not an unpatriotic act (The Flag Code Title 36, U.S.C., Chapter 10). This act symbolizes the highest of American virtues - the courage to stand up against tyranny and inhumanity. To defend our Constiution against all enemies - foreign and domestic.

Friday, April 30 is Turn The Flag Day. Our nation is in distress, and we will hoist the inverted Stars and Stripes to the top of the mast in cities and towns across the nation.

Spread the word and join us.

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