Thursday, April 29, 2004

NJ - Bully Government

Just as Australia was where the English banished their criminals, NJ was where NY banished hers. Today’s events have made it obvious that some of those criminals wormed their way into the Department of Motor Vehicles.

I just got off the phone with an employee of the State of New Jersey Automobile Insurance Surcharge and Collection. I called to dispute a bill. You see, six months ago, I paid them $250 in extortion money to "release" the hold on my driving status. But, like all extortionists, once you pay them, they think they own you and that you will KEEP PAYING. I just received another "Initial Notice of Insurance Surcharge Assessment"saying that I owe them $250 due immediately. I explained that I paid it six months ago. Through this employee's barely intelligible English, he muttered that I have to pay it for three years. I asked "unless I get another license in my new state?" to which he replied, "it doesn't matter. If you don't pay us, we will suspend your license."
Let me explain. This "surcharge" was charged for a DUI in Chicago that I beat. There is no DUI on my record. NJ assessed the surcharge and doesn't care if I have the DUI or not. I have not lived in NJ for 6 years. I live in UT, but UT will not issue me a license because IL has a hold on my license. IL will not release the hold until I pay them a restoration fee of $250 for my IL license, which they created for me. I have never had an IL license, do not want an IL license, and under the "rules", am not "allowed" to possess more than one state issued driving permit. Utah's DMV computer does not show the reason for the hold, but will not issue until the hold is released.
The "go along to get along" crowd believes that I should just pay IL and pay NJ, give UT my SSN and ANY other information that they request so that I can carry a UT issued driving permit in my pocket. However, being a man of principal, I find this type of extortion repulsive and refuse to pay penalties for a crime I didn't commit, and refuse to pay "restoration fees" for licenses I do not own.
I went to court last month for a speeding ticket and was given a ticket for driving with an expired license. I explained that I wanted to plead not guilty, and a court date of June 10 was set. I have no expectation that the issue will be resolved on that date, but I will plead not guilty anyway.
Is there still any question about whether or not we are living in a police state? Why can a state randomly declare that I MUST pay them a $1000 surcharge over 4 years or they will revoke my "privilege" to drive - regardless of where I live? Why can a state refuse to issue a driver's license if one refuses to disclose their social security number? (By the way, the office of social security sent me a letter saying that I do NOT have to disclose my number to anyone or any agency UNLESS it involves social services) Today, I visited their site and found this - "The 1996 immigration reform provision on improved identification-related documents requires the SSN to be included on State drivers licenses by the year 2000. Thus, the drivers license and Social Security card can both be used to verify the SSN."
I also spoke with an agent at Social Security Administration (SSA) today. She told me that all employees of SSA are required to use their SSN for an employee ID. She said that SSA has stated that using any other numbering system would "inconvenience and disadvantage" the employer. So there you have it.
It is my wish to be free of both the SS system and the police state. Provided I am "permitted" to leave the court room with a small fine on June 10, I will make it my goal to never be stopped by another law enforcement officer. I have no doubt that IL and NY will continue their mafia-like efforts to squeeze money from me, but I will not pay one more cent to these thieves and racketeers. I believe I have a right to travel freely and will continue to do so. I have been driving with an expired license for two years now, to change this and begin dealing with the criminal element in the IL and NJ DMV's would "inconvenience and disadvantage" me.

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