Friday, October 05, 2012

Food, Silver, Water, Shelter, Luck, and Spirituality

The economy is in the toilet. Most economists admit that there is NO way that we can ever pay off our $16 Trillion deficit. The Goldman Sachs controlled government continues to loot the country like it was New Orleans after a hurricane. The globalists are pushing for UN Agenda 21 and global depopulation by 80%. GMO corn was proven to cause tumors and premature death - and yet GMO corn is used to produce more than 99% of the vitamin C in the the US.
Ron Paul was victim of another media blackout, vote fraud, and Republican dirty tricks. The presidential debate disallowed Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson from participating. The winner of this election will be Goldman Sachs. The loser will be the American people.
The prospect of civil unrest, economic collapse, solar flares, flooding, bio attacks, world war III, famine, or global thermo nuclear war all loom on the horizon. There seems to be nothing that can bring America together. Unemployment is skyrocketing. Welfare is at all time high - over 40%.
There IS no "solution". It is time to brace yourself... and make the best personal survival plan that you can. Hopefully, by now you have secured some land in WYO, NV, ID, or MT. You have a group of 8 adults who will ban together for mutual protection and security if true disaster strikes. You have 12 - 36 months worth of food storage, 3 sources of water, no gasoline transportation, and a strong immune system. You have a meet up plan for your family, in the event that there is no communication or power. You have a radiation cellar or fallout shelter that you can use. Hopefully you also have put away enough silver to feed yourself, should the dollar collapse. I figure that a silver dime per day per adult is the absolute minimum that you need to survive.
In the event of an absolute, earth shattering disaster... man-made or natural, could you survive? Do you have any primitive skills education? Any seeds, tools, or knowledge about how to make tools? Can you make a forge? Do you have enough equipment, skills and training for your self-defense and that of your family? Do you know YOUR line in the sand? Do you know what you are prepared to do if your line is crossed?
These are the bare minimums. If you haven't made these basic preparations, you may have procrastinated too long. I'm not sure what you waited for, but now preparation is going to cost you dearly. Everything costs more. But, start anyway. Do it in this order - Prayer, Water, food, shelter, plan, knowledge (learn survival and primitive skills), friends, silver, and then continue to strengthen each area as much as time, money, and will allows.

Good luck

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

New Websibes are up and earning!

I have created a couple of cool websites that were quick and easy to setup. Both started making money within a day of going online.
Why is that relevant to this blog?
Because, the ability to created web pages that will generate an income for you, directly impact your ability to live where you want. I am assuming that if you are reading this blog, we have a few things in common. 1. We want more freedom and flexibility. 2. We are somewhat computer literate. 3. We either live in the mountain west, or want to live in the mountain west.

The ability to quickly create websites that immediately start earning money is a great opportunity. To see the sites and get an idea of what I am talking about, check out the sites.
The first one was - the name clearly says what the site is about. At the same time, the name allows the search engine to shift it to the top of search engines without me spending money on advertising.
The second site is - like the site above, the name makes it climb in search engines.
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