Friday, May 06, 2005

City Planners with Nose Trouble

Why is it that our esteemed city planners feel that it is their duty to tell private home owners what surface they can park their RV's on?
Last night I attended the planning committee's meeting. One of the items on the agenda was due to my raising a stink at having the city code enforcement officers advise me that my RV must be parked on a concrete slab.
Last night at the meeting, I let the committee know exactly how I feel about their decision to look into the code and advise the city council to "toughen" it.

I am concerned that the Planners and Council are overstepping the authority granted them by the community.
Why is the city planning committee involved in where I park or what the surface is?
I am told that the reason is that the homes are not as aesthetically acceptable. What possible concern is it to the city if my RV is parked on wood, gravel, clay, asphalt, or concrete. All of these are used for roads and bridges, why should the council presume that we need concrete at a cost of nearly $6,000, when gravel costs a fraction of that and can be done by the homeowner?
Why is the planning committee involved with a 30 year old home?
When I bought my home, I signed no covenants. I deliberately avoided gated or planned communities. Years ago, I lived in Boca Raton. There, the members of the planned communities determined what color you could paint your home and your shutters, what vehicles you could park in your driveway (no pickup trucks, not even with a cap), and how many vehicles you could park on your own property. I am tired of planners and councilmen deciding what changes need to be made. It is my opinion that it is none of your business where I park or what surface I park on. I am the one who has to live with my neighbors and I am the one who will suffer or benefit by the effect of my property values. If my neighbors have an issue with where I park, I would be happy to discuss it with them and do my best to accommodate them. I am tired of neighbors calling the city to enforce their will on my private property.

I wish more folks would attend these meetings and let them know that we are sick of their continual intrusions on our property rights.